When you start here, not only are you embarking on an awesome adventure, but you're also entering into a tight-knit community of positive outdoor professionals.  Apply to find out why Wilderness Adventure Staff Alumni keep in touch long after they're gone, and WA has been selected as one of Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work" since 2010.  

Accepting Applications for Chefs/Cooks & Leader Positions for the 2017 Spring and Summer Seasons.

Please feel free to submit applications now.

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing has been selected as one of Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work" since 2010!

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing has been selected as one of Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work" since 2010!


  1. Group Leader (Spring, Summer* & Fall) - Working in both our Group Program and Adventure Camp, you will facilitate, host, and provide support for groups of many ages and interests.  Leaders will guide activities during the day and will occasionally work overnight with backpacking/camping groups.  In addition you may be assigned support, maintenance, and hospitality duties.  For more information on our group programs and trips, please see our Retreat Center page
  2. Trip Leader (Summer*)-  Trip Leaders primarily work in the Adventure Camp program.  After completing our extensive training you will lead participants through the day-to-day trip responsibilities including backpacking, Leave No Trace skills, high and low ropes, belaying, canoeing, camp cooking and more.  In addition you may be assigned support, maintenance, and hospitality duties.  Trips assigned can include our Outdoor DiscoveryClassic Adventure and/or Specialty Trips.  The following are required:
    1. Some backpacking or camping experience and your own equipment.
    2. Current Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification.  (We will provide training for those needing it. ) 
    3. Staff Orientation and Trip Leader Training*
  3. Support (Fall through Spring)-  Cooks, Kitchen Staff, Landscaping and Grounds Workers, and Maintenance Workers are welcome to apply, though openings in these areas are typically part-time and may be filled.  Please call our office if you're looking to apply for a support staff position. **CURRENTLY SEEKING COOKS who are interested in working in the kitchen as well as alongside leaders in the field. **
  4. Instructors: These positions require a minimum of one season as a WAEL Leader and in-house training:  Activity Instructor(s) in rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, caving, and zip lining; and Area Managers (ie Gear Barn manager, First Aid manager, etc.) 
  5. Assistant Directors or Directors: These are long-term positions that require an exceptional demonstrated commitment to the company, for this reason we almost exclusively promote staff members to these positions after thorough experience as a WAEL Leader and instructor.  Please call us if you have questions about this.

*Summer staff (Group & Trip Leaders) are required to participate in a 14 day comprehensive Orientation.  The 2016 Orientation is June 5-18th.

What are we looking for in our staff?

Personality:  Our core staff are called "Leaders" for a reason.   At a minimum a WAEL staff member should enjoy speaking to large groups and have a firm respect for safety practices.  Beyond that, we are searching for the outdoor enthusiasts who also identify as:

  • leaders
  • team players
  • independent hard workers
  • positive influences
  • great teachers

Age:  Most of our staff are in their mid-twenties, but we accept applications from anyone 18+.  21+ is preferred for Fall & Spring season staff. 

Experience:  Experience and desire to work with children is highly important. Any experience in guiding/instructing any of our activities is a great plus, but not required.  We train everyone in the "WA way" from first timers to the professionally elite.  We find that beginning with a common base benefits our program as well as the staff-community.

Skills:  Personal responsibility, proficiency in reading, and the ability to speak to groups are essential skills.  The following skills are not required but highly valued: mountain bike maintenance, cooking for large groups, grounds work, vehicle or building maintenance, proficiency in French or any other languages, and proficiency in computers/IT.

Growth:  The desire to learn and grow is essential to a good leader.  Once you have a scope of the program you are highly encouraged to take on further responsibilities and learn as much as you can about the varying program areas.

Time Commitment:  Due to the nature of the retreat and recreation industry, our "year" is usually March through October.  We work under a daily or weekly rate in which days could be any number of hours.  The benefit of this is a flexibility characteristic of the outdoor professionals' "work hard, play hard" philosophy.  The majority of our staff live on property while working and generally get 2 days off a week.  You may have to work holidays, week-ends, and for multiple weeks 24 hours/day while on trail.  October through March, staff usually use to travel or head to the ski slopes.


Apprentice/Leadership Training Program

Too young to be staff, but you still have a desire to be a leader?  Come spend your summer learning the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes in an adventure camp!  You must be a former or current participant and be at least 17 years old or a senior in high school. After successful completion of the week-long course, you will work the rest of the summer as an Apprentice. More information here.



First, fill out the online application:

Then, send your cover letter & resume as well as Employee Reference Form to:

Attn: Kait Prairie
Program Director

Wilderness Adventure
11176 Peaceful Valley Rd.
New Castle, VA 24127


Call 540-864-6792 to check on the status of your application or for questions.