Adventure Camp Fund

Established in 2017, the Adventure Camp Fund is designed for Wilderness Adventure participants who show enthusiasm and dedication for the principles at the core of our all-outdoor wilderness program.  

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing has established the Adventure Camp Fund to generate an adequate amount of money each year through donations and the proceeds of our new Music and Adventure festival -- WA Fest --  that we can allot solely to making it easier for great kids to get out on trail!

The Adventure Camp Fund recipients will experience:

  • An all-outdoor program where groups are travelling and camping in the back-country.  This teaches kids how to take care of themselves and how to contribute meaningfully to a group, which leads to every participant having a deeper sense of self reliance.
  • The all-outdoor expedition style program is also accompanied by adventure activities.  The activities are challenging in a way that supports kids' efforts for reaching and going beyond their potential.  
  • Small groups create deep bonds and help individuals develop leadership skills and a strong sense of teamwork.  Group life on trail also means that kids will connect with each other in a natural environment without the intrusion of phones, computers, or other devices.  
  • Proximity to caring and knowledgeable adults aged 21-27 gives kids a chance to develop a positive relationship with inspiring adult role models that can sometimes be more relatable than teachers or parents. 
  • Activities take place within natural land forms -- mountains, rivers, rock faces, and more -- teaching participants to depend on the natural world, rather than the modern conveniences of the populated world.  They are taught stewardship principles by Leave No Trace in order to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their environment. 

How to Apply to receive tuition assistance from the Adventure Camp Fund:

  • Applicants should be between ages 8 and 17 for the summer they wish to attend camp.
  • Applicants will apply for the Fund by filling out an application (coming soon) and submitting a creative display of why adventure is important for kids.
    • Applicants, please fill out the application with your parents assistance, and be ready to submit your creative project at the same time (via email or mail).
    • Creative projects may be submitted as an essay, a video, or a piece of physical art (painting, sculpture).  All work must be done by the youth applicant and may not be accepted if there are signs that a parent or any other person contributed in an influential way (acceptable examples of help: holding the camera, proofreading, helping to submit, contacting WAEL with questions, etc.)
      • Essays should be between 500-1500 words and submitted as Word or PDF documents.  They may be creative, persuasive, or informative and should clearly convey why the author believes adventure is important.  They may be accompanied by photos, or other forms of type art.
      • Videos should be between 3 and 7 minutes long.  They may be dramatic, documentary style, feature spoken poetry or essays, musical performances, or other creative pursuits that demonstrate why adventure is important.  Videos must contain all original self-created content - please do not use copyrighted or trademarked music or video clips.  Videos may be uploaded to public sites and submitted as a hyperlink, or else as a MP4 file.
      • Physical Art should be photographed and submitted as a jpg or png image, and should be accompanied by a written description of the process and meaning intended by the piece.  
  • All Applications and Projects must be submitted by April 1, 2018
  • Winners will be announced and notified on May 1, 2018  
  • The selection of recipients will be made by a panel of Adventure Camp Directors and WAEL Shareholders.  The amount of each scholarship will depend upon the funds raised in the previous year, evidence of need, and the quality of applications.