Adventure Activities


Our kayaking instructors and participants spend days learning the art that is kayaking and putting your skills to the test. And we have fun on the rivers!


Canoeing can be a relaxing past time but it can also be a real challenge learning to navigate white water rapids. Check out these canoeist adventurers!

Rock Climbing

Got that climbing bug? So do we. Our climbing adventure campers learn the technical skills and gain confidence to climb higher and higher, both on the rock and in life.

Hiking & Backpacking

Backpacking is the foundation of our summer youth adventure camp. It is what allows you to travel from beautiful overlooks to your next exciting activity. Whether on our 500 acre basecamp or in the thousands of National Forest acres that surround our property it will be a life changing event. Through challenge and accomplishment our character grows and that is what makes our program worthwhile.

Mountain Biking

Out of my way! Zoom and drive your way across bike trails with our experienced staff of instructors and enthusiastic adventure campers. Make a friend or two (or more) along the way!


Prefer a little cooler adventure? Did you know the temperature in caves is a constant 52-58 degrees Fahrenheit? Our adventure caving campers have found that out and had a great time exploring and getting a little dirty!

Life at Wilderness Adventure

Our summer youth trips are all backpacking and tent camping based. We provide all the equipment necessary and tent the basics of camping. Although it can take some getting used to, tent camping is an experience that all young adventurers must have. Friends are quickly made around a campfire and while sharing tents.

High Ropes Adventure Trail

Our High Ropes Course is unlike most in the sense that the elements are all separated along a hiking trail on our 500 acre property. We currently have 5 High Ropes Elements includes the pole climb, raider bridge, dangling duo, cargo net, and the double strand.

Zip Line

By far the most requested activity at Wilderness Adventure, our 900' zip line is one that you don't want to miss. After a short & steep hike to the top of our hill you will be rewarded with an amazing view to distract you as we hook you on to the cable. Once you step off the platform there is no going back, but don't worry......everyone that goes down the zip line wants to do it again.

Low Elements Teambuilding Course

Our Low Elements Course is custom catered to meet the needs of your group. Whether you are looking for intensive communication or group dynamics workshops or just looking to play around and have some fun the low elements course is a staple in our activity handbook. Our facilitators have literally hundreds of activities that can be tweaked to cover any issues or "buzz words". Once you decide to join us at WAEL we will send you a pre-arrival questionnaire that is designed to help our leaders customize the experience to your goals.

Natural Waterslide

At Roaring Run National Forest site you can entertain yourself for an entire day. Located only 30 minutes from our property it is a great place for a day trip. We can pack a picnic lunch play in over a dozen waterholes, the 40 foot natural waterslide and then finish out the day with a hike up to the falls. Both beautiful and fun it is the perfect summertime addition to our adventure camp or group retreats.

White Water Rafting

A highlight of all our specialty trips is white water rafting at the New River Gorge. The lower New offers technical and exciting rapids that will be sure to get the adrenaline pumping. About 2 hours from our property we can also add it to any retreat or program and we get a special deal from the rafting companies that saves you money.

50' Climbing Wall

Our 50 foot Climbing Wall & Rappel Tower has two sides each with an overhanging option for an extra challenge. Once you make it to the top you can choose to rappel back down with the help of our qualified climbing instructors. All of our summer program trips train at the climbing wall before heading out to the real rocks.

Outdoor Living Skills

An important part of spending days out in nature is learning those handy little tricks that one day might get you out of a bind. We teach all of our participants about fire craft, backcountry cooking, and how to keep yourself clean, dry and happy while visiting nature. For school and scout programs we also offer adventure classes which cover topics such as shelter building, wilderness medicine, edible plants, night hikes, and over a dozen more!

Scenery & Wildlife

For a lot of people that come to Wilderness Adventure the best part is taking in all the amazing things that nature has to offer. From the scenic bluffs and endless ridgelines to the winding creeks that carve out the landscape the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround our property are always rewarding to explore. You can enjoy them by challenging yourself on one of our backpacking summer trips or by relaxing on our wrap around porch.