How can we make the most of our visit? What are other ways we can bond and experience the outdoors? These are question we often get. Low ropes is usually our answer, is a good way to bond and be outside. Then we wondered what should we do with the groups that come here every year, have experienced the low ropes course but want to have a unique team-building experience, then it clicked….Adventure race/ beer tasting combo.

First group to try: UVA, otolaryngology, this group has participated in our low ropes plenty of times, looking for a different team-building experience, they were the first ones to try the race. The day they got here we divide them in groups told them the rules and started our first Eagle Race!

Up the Hill Getting clues !!!

Up the Hill Getting clues !!!

Both teams made their flags and got their first clue. Challenges like climbing up the rock wall, going through the low ropes course, running around to seek next clues and getting a selfie at the Bluff were all part of the race. Two teams, two courses, different challenges made the race exciting and a team bonding experience.


The course layout as well as the team participants each with their own skills made the experience unique. For example, one of the groups didn’t read the clue all the way and ended up on the other extreme of the property trying to find a clue that was never there. Others chose a leader to complete a task or decided as a team how to complete a challenge. By the end both teams were very close to the finish line but one of the teams took the wrong shortcut  and the team that was last ended up winning the whole Eagle Race!  

Hugs, laughs and a good time was the overall experience. Everybody was happy and wanted to do the race again. One of the participants mentioned how different and exciting this experience was and how he felt closer to his teammates, just by going through this course and doing something out of the ordinary. Others mention good anecdotes and laughed about their own team’s experiences like getting lost but keeping morale up to finish the course. Flags were raised, and a final debrief was done.

The race was great, but the beer tasting was even better. After all, you need to hydrate and get those calories back.  Six beers, appetizers, a main course and a dessert was all part of the beer tasting night. Each beer paired up with the meal left all our participants ready to take a nap.

meal 2.jpg
meal .jpg

Thank you to UVA otolaryngology to be part of this race and stay at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing. If you are reading this blog and would like to do something similar at Wilderness Adventure, please contact us and ask about the Eagle Race and Beer Tasting combo. Hope to see you soon!

beer tasting .jpg

Written by Ruby Fernandez Bryant

Pictures by Amy Craig

It's back for the 2nd Year in a Row!

Last year's Family Fun Day was awesome.  

Thanks to the over 300 people who came out to enjoy the day last May!

This year's event will be Next Saturday April 30th from 10am to 5pm.  Read on to get ready for an awesome day of free zip lining, meeting adventurous families just like yours, and the many wonders of a day out in the mountains!

Plan Ahead & Prepare - Get the most out of Family Fun Day

Plan to arrive mid-morning to mid-afternoon (10am to about 2pm) to ensure you have enough time to do the activities you want and have time to wander Base Camp to your heart's content.

Pack water bottles, sunscreen, comfortable socks and closed-toed athletic shoes for Zip Line & Hiking, and the Climbing Wall.  Thinking of venturing into the pond for a turn in a canoe or a paddleboard?  Pack water shoes and clothes that can get wet--our Bath House is a great place to change and dry off before and after!

For those of you who may be thinking of bringing your entire scout pack, a full softball team, or any other large group: You're more than welcome, but please remember that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian in order to participate in activities.  We also recommend that you split up and enjoy the day in groups of less than 8 -- this will help us keep a good flow at each activity.

Some safety considerations: As mentioned above, anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian present to supervise and sign an activity waiver!  Zip Liners and Wall Climbers must be between 65 & 250 pounds.  Closed-toed shoes are required for Zip Liners!

Find out more, and let us know your thoughts about Family Fun Day here.