10 Authentic Experiences You Will Have at WA

1. Making Friends without meeting them at school, in sports, or online.
Take 2 leaders who care a lot and 11 other kids accomplishing the same individual and group challenges as you. Add: the genuine euphoria that comes at the end of a big day hiking, climbing, canoeing, or exploring. Take away: desks, walls, busy schedules, and -of course!- any access to phones or the internet. And you’ll get: authentic connection, empathy, support, and just maybe… lifelong friends.
2. Packing a backpack.
Stuff is just stuff until it’s your bed, your shelter, your food & water, and your clothes… packed neatly and compactly into a backpack so you can easily carry it all to the next campsite.
3. Covering Ground.
Do you really know how long a mile is? On foot? Or on a bike? How about in a canoe? How big is the world anyway? When it takes a whole day to get where you’re headed on foot, you’ll start getting a good idea.
4. Cooking dinner for yourself.
When’s dinner? Whenever you get that stove set up, the water boiling, the food prepped… (Hunger is an excellent motivator when you’re on trail.)
5. Using a map to find home.
“Ok Google, navigate to…” doesn’t often work in the middle of the woods, but a map always has service and is always at 100% battery – especially once you’ve learned how to use it.
6. “Going” outside.
When nature calls, and you answer it in nature… a world of appreciation dawns for how humans and animals have “gone” for thousands of years – not to mention that joy of a simple *flush* when you get back to civilization!
7. Playing in the rain.
What they say about ‘learning to dance in the rain’ isn’t just a metaphor. 
8. Making fire.
Is there anything more authentic than creating your own heat and light?!
9. Reflecting every day.
When you’re debriefing the day around the fire at night, after cooking dinner; carrying all of your stuff on your back; covering ground; finding your campsite on the map; and doing all of that with your group of new authentic friends... you’re going to have some amazingly real and truly important memories to take with you in life.
10. Oh, and all those adventure activities!
You’re wearing a helmet. You’ve got a harness on, or a personal flotation device. Your leaders and instructor are there showing you the way and you’ve got a group of folks watching, participating, encouraging… and you’re doing it! You’re going fast, you’re high off the ground, you’re riding a wave. The pictures are going to be awesome, but they’re nothing compared to actually climbing that rock, paddling that rapid, or riding that trail. 

To find out more about this authentic experience, join us at a Parent’s Campout at WA on April 27th, 

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Family Fun Day 2018!

Saturday, April 28th

10am to 5pm

Free to the public - no reservations required!

Come one and all to kick off the Adventure Season at the 4th annual Family Fun Day at Wilderness Adventure!  

Our hardworking staff will be running activities starting at 10am until 5pm, make sure you arrive before ~2:30 so you can make the most of your day!   Please don't arrive until after 9:30am!

When you arrive, check in at the Admin building to sign our release, get wrist bands, enter the raffle, and get more information about the day.  All participants must have a wristband in order to participate in activities. 


Free for All: 

  • Hiking on our 500 acre basecamp. 
  • Volleyball
  • Disc Golf
  • Canoeing & Paddleboarding on the Pond
  • Lawn games (Lumberjack Jenga, Cornhole, etc.)

Free for Kids 17 & under | $5 for Kids & Adults 18+ ($5/ea covers both activities):

  • Zip Lining!! 
  • Climbing Wall!


  • Zip Liners and Climbers must be between 65 and 250 lbs.  There is no age restriction.
  • Zip Liners and Climbers must tie back long hair.
  • Pond-users must wear shoes and a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times while in the pond.
  • Everyone participating must sign a release form.  
  • If you're bringing someone else's kid, make sure you print out this form, have their parent fill out, and bring it with you!  (You can't sign for them!)
  • Youth under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No use of alcohol or tobacco products are permitted during the event.

Food & Drink!

  • We will have burgers available for purchase with sides.
  • Picnics are welcome and encouraged!  Might we recommend the Wall Field Pavilion, The Bluff Overlook, or the Gazebo on the pond as an excellent place to picnic?
  • Snacks, Ice Cream, and Beverages, as well as souvenirs, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc can be purchased in the Base Camp Stores (right next to where you'll check in!)
  • No alcohol is permitted during this event.


Don't trust your GPS this time!  Use our printable directions so you don't get lost!

We're about 45 minutes from downtown Roanoke and downtown Blacksburg, 30 minutes from Daleville, and 10 minutes from the C&M in New Castle!

Spread the news and follow the event on Facebook!

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How can we make the most of our visit? What are other ways we can bond and experience the outdoors? These are question we often get. Low ropes is usually our answer, is a good way to bond and be outside. Then we wondered what should we do with the groups that come here every year, have experienced the low ropes course but want to have a unique team-building experience, then it clicked….Adventure race/ beer tasting combo.

First group to try: UVA, otolaryngology, this group has participated in our low ropes plenty of times, looking for a different team-building experience, they were the first ones to try the race. The day they got here we divide them in groups told them the rules and started our first Eagle Race!

 Up the Hill Getting clues !!!

Up the Hill Getting clues !!!

Both teams made their flags and got their first clue. Challenges like climbing up the rock wall, going through the low ropes course, running around to seek next clues and getting a selfie at the Bluff were all part of the race. Two teams, two courses, different challenges made the race exciting and a team bonding experience.


The course layout as well as the team participants each with their own skills made the experience unique. For example, one of the groups didn’t read the clue all the way and ended up on the other extreme of the property trying to find a clue that was never there. Others chose a leader to complete a task or decided as a team how to complete a challenge. By the end both teams were very close to the finish line but one of the teams took the wrong shortcut  and the team that was last ended up winning the whole Eagle Race!  

Hugs, laughs and a good time was the overall experience. Everybody was happy and wanted to do the race again. One of the participants mentioned how different and exciting this experience was and how he felt closer to his teammates, just by going through this course and doing something out of the ordinary. Others mention good anecdotes and laughed about their own team’s experiences like getting lost but keeping morale up to finish the course. Flags were raised, and a final debrief was done.

The race was great, but the beer tasting was even better. After all, you need to hydrate and get those calories back.  Six beers, appetizers, a main course and a dessert was all part of the beer tasting night. Each beer paired up with the meal left all our participants ready to take a nap.

meal 2.jpg
meal .jpg

Thank you to UVA otolaryngology to be part of this race and stay at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing. If you are reading this blog and would like to do something similar at Wilderness Adventure, please contact us and ask about the Eagle Race and Beer Tasting combo. Hope to see you soon!

beer tasting .jpg

Written by Ruby Fernandez Bryant

Pictures by Amy Craig

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