2014 Orientation

Rock Climbing and Orienteering Practice at Lignite Climbsite on Bald Mountain

After 2 weeks, we've wrapped up our Summer Staff Orientation and are ready to hit the trail with summer campers!  

2 weeks ago, 16 staff members packed their bags and headed off on a memorable and exciting trip designed to simulate the Classic Adventure trips that are the flagship of our summer programs.  During a 24-hour immersion, they used every piece of gear we provide our campers: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stuff sacks, backpacks, cook gear and even trowels! 

Over the past weeks, they have been able to engage in all our adventure activities: Rock Climbing at Lignite, Whitewater Canoeing & Kayaking on the New River, Backpacking on Bald Mountain, Caving Tawney's, Mountain Biking at Fenwick, and of course: the 900' Zip Line!  Along they way they also learned the Colonel's 4 Principles for Success, the "WA way," and the professional standards that make working at Wilderness Adventure so unique.

Now that Orientation is complete and they've taken their showers, these new staff are ready to meet some campers and head back out into the wilderness!  Whether it's working with our Summer Adventure Camp or Year-Round Group Program, they're sure to have a fun summer in store!

Caving at Tawney's

Lunch Circle (extra hummus)

Daniel & Charlotte canoe McCoy Falls during our Annual River Days!

Fresh and clean after Orientation & ready for the first campers of the summer!

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