Adventure Defined

We here at Wilderness Adventure try and put our finger on what defines adventure. We run a lot of tests and search for as much evidence as we can, but yet we still can’t get the strictest definition of adventure on paper.


Is it the moments where you toe the line between comfort zones and everyday routine? Those few heartbeats that tell you this is real, the heartbeats that remind you that you are alive and can do amazing things.

Or is it the sudden horizons that new relations can build. The rush of perspective and intrigue that meeting new people can provide. Can’t this sudden entrance of social interaction be considered adventure as well?

These are the types of questions and quandaries that we here at Wilderness Adventure try to understand everyday. What we need is your input, your ideas on adventure. So whether it is our Summer Youth Program, Custom Retreats, or Weekend Warrior activities, come on down and help us define adventure.For information, continue reading our blog or check out the rest of the website. For any questions, give us a call at 540-864-6792.