Reunion & Roast

Contrary to the tradition where dignitaries are formally toasted and exalted before a great audience, a Roast is the tradition in which a Roastee is surrounded by friends, family, and fans who each take turns to dish out hilarious stories, insults, praise, and jokes, to honor him and his accomplishments.  So here's to you Colonel!

Here's to the man who made us work hard, who put us in the way of challenges beyond our comfort zones, who asked more of us than many teachers ever would, who applauded us for accepting the challenge, and who celebrated our successes these last 25 years!  Here's to your success!

We are so excited for reuniting with old friends and enjoying the camaraderie of other WA Alumni.  We have people coming from many different points in the WAEL timeline.  Those who saw the Founding in 1990 will be excited to see what all their hard work has become.  Those who have been here in the years since will get to hear stories of their beloved Base Camp from many different points of view.  The many still living in the area will be reacquainted with the community that's here in their back yard and the friends who are travelling from far away will enjoy the familiar sites and warm embrace of our WAEL home.  We hope that all who make it out to the reunion are met with a great time and a few rekindled flames of the magic that has helped Wilderness Adventure accomplish so much in the last 25 years.

The Reunion begins this Friday and the celebration continues throughout Saturday til Sunday morning.  Friday features some WA classics, the Zip Line -a staple- and the WA Spaghetti dinner and campfire.  Saturday includes games, activities on Base Camp and Craig's Creek, as well as the traditional "Sunday Cook-Out" and ends with our Reunion Banquet & Roast of Col Nervo. 

Check out the Reunion Page if you're interested in taking part in the celebration!

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