A 24-Hour Driving Distance Getaway for Roanokers!

The following was written by a recent Bed & Breakfast-er.  Her blog, Eatcaketoo, shows her intention to showcase Roanoke and all it's local offerings.  We're sure glad she had a great time, and I know I'll be checking in with her at eatcaketoo to learn more about the area!  To see the original blog, and her wonderful photos click here.

Vacation 2-fer: Part I

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Have you been to New Castle, VA lately? Ever?? Neither had I until this past Thursday. A while back I spotted an offer posted at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op that I couldn’t refuse – 2 nights at a bed and breakfast for $125. Fresh from a similar opportunity at The Homestead back in March, it sounded like low-risk fun and just the kind of quick getaway that we could afford to take with 2 little people at home.

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing is a 500-acre retreat center about an hour from Roanoke and about 10 miles beyond the town of New Castle. The drive was beautiful and we arrived in the early afternoon, which left us just enough time to relax in our room before heading out for a run.  Molly and Kait had greeted us cheerfully and given us all the information we needed for our stay, including the recommendation to follow the white slashed trail to The Bluffs. We edged our way up the leafy trail in the crisp afternoon air, passing ropes and obstacle courses along the way before reaching The Bluffs, which were a sweet expanse of a view indeed. We wanted more, so we followed the fire roads up, down, and around for about an hour, relishing in the luxury of no children or time constraints, before returning to the lodge.

Our room was just beginning to get toasty with the heater the staff had provided so we headed to the bathroom downstairs to shower and get ready for dinner. It was recommended that we make the drive over the mountain to Paint Bank to dine at The Swinging Bridge, so that’s what we did. Paint Bank is a tiny community with a population of 27 total people, but somehow it boasts a beautiful lodge, general store and restaurant. Unfortunately during the winter The Swinging Bridge is only open on the weekends so we had to head back to New Castle and ate at Pine Top, one of the three restaurants in town (3 only if you count Subway, which I don’t really). Thursday night is all-you-can-eat pasta night for $6.50. Yes, $6.50. The meatballs happened to be homemade and I must’ve eaten 15 of them. So good.

Back at the Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Lodge, we settled into the leather couch in the community dining hall for a decadent evening of cable TV (we don’t have TV at home, which means we greedily watch anyone else’s). We were the only guests, so we didn’t have to hide my latent HGTV addiction and I watched it, uninhibited for 2 hours. My husband was too relaxed from fresh air and a full belly to protest, so he obliged. When the re-runs started, we peeled ourselves away from the surround sound entertainment and headed up to our cozily warm room. I’m pretty sure we were the only humans on premises and it was awesomely dark and quiet; I mean, pitch-black and pin-drop. Awesome.

Breakfast is part of the deal and served from 8:30-9:30 am. I’m not naturally a morning person and often skip breakfast all together (which begs the question – why go to a bed and breakfast?), but not this time. Dan happily prepared us eggs 2 ways, crispy bacon, bread and biscuits, granola, yogurt, juice and coffee. He sat down and chatted with us and we discovered all kinds of shared interests about the great outdoors and Roanoke in general. Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing is just like that – one big, extended family of like-minded folks eager to share and get to know you. Just my speed…

Snow was coming and it was time to reclaim our parenting duties, so we packed up, bid the staff goodbye, and began the short drive home. Even if we can’t concede to TV networks, my husband and I unanimously agree that the 24-hour, driving distance overnighters are the perfect low-stress mini-vacays for us to stay connected to each other and the world at large, leaving us refreshed and happy.


Later, y’all!

Oh, and I mentioned snow. My husband was pretty excited about it and surprised me with a second overnighter the next day. Can you guess where we went? Stay tuned next week for Part II…!

How do you like to vacate – overnight or for a week or two? Where have you been lately?

What to know before you go:

  • Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing is rustic; the main lodge dates back to the 1800’s and all additions were constructed in its likeness.
  • Rooms are pared down with just the basics – beds, linens, a nightstand and a dreamcatcher.
  • Bathrooms are typically shared spaces.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available and cell service is very limited.
  • Friendly and skilled staff are ready to challenge you on land, rock, and in the water with various courses and excursions.
  • It’s a great place to un-plug, un-wind and reconnect in a beautiful mountain setting with good food and good people.
  • Bonus – they are permitted for beer and wine!  Check here for tasting events.

Where I Went:
New Castle, VA
Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing
Pine Top Restaurant
Paint Bank, VA
The Swinging Bridge
Paint Bank General Store

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