Cultural Connections: Bluegrass Musicians and French Canadians Converge at Eagle Landing

If you were to come to the Main Lodge at Eagle Landing on a Friday night this spring, you might experience a bit of culture-shock.  It would have little to do with the rustic 19th century farmhouse clashing with modern amenities—ya know, the basic ones like electricity, indoor plumbing and the sort—nor would you be shocked by the parking lot full of cars in a place where bike and foot traffic are the preferred methods of transportation.  What would really rattle your senses are the people you'd meet mixed with the music you'd hear in the setting it was all taking place:  a large group of French-speaking Quebecois listening to a bluegrass band against the backdrop of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

            Blue Connection, a Catawba-based bluegrass band is set to play a series of shows this spring at WAEL, kicking off last Friday along with a meal of Southern favorites like pork barbeque and slaw.  Their main audience is Centrifuge, a group of hardcore road cyclists from Quebec, who have been coming to Wilderness Adventure for nearly a decade due to its proximity to great mountain roads such as the Blue Ridge Parkway.  While most visitors to our facility would find it strange that English is presently a minority language, our Canadian guests must find it equally unusual to hear twangy music and see flat-foot dancing.  However, if one thing is certain in life, it's that great food and great music can make cultural barriers crumble.  Everyone speaks the language of having a good time.


Check out some photos from last week's event as well as the website for Blue Connection.