Kicking off Wild Wednesdays and a Year of Adventure!

Wild wednesday: the ins & outs of our first ever Family fun Day

Magic in the Making

Our awesome founder, Colonel Nervo, looked at us at a staff meeting in January and said, "We need to have an event!  Something big, every year, that people will enjoy!"

As a well trained staff who knows the wonder-power behind Colonel's ideas (like a wilderness backpacking program?)--we put our heads together and brainstormed all kinds of ideas: A civil war reenactment?  A highland games festival? A blue grass show?  An adventure race?  Each idea was awesome but just didn't seem right, and then...

"A Family Fun Day?  Everything that's awesome about WAEL: Our beautiful Base Camp, Our fun and friendly staff, the activities, the lodges, and maybe even the FOOD. --all open to the public, no reservations, no admission fee, one day only! "  -Trust Director of Operations, Sean, to always have the answer!

YES!  We loved the idea.  We set the date and have now set to work planning and spreading the word.  

We chose a day in the early weeks of "Adventure Season."  The activities are all free, the staff are all friendly, and the adventure will be fun for all!  

Plan Ahead & Prepare - Get the most out of Family Fun Day

Plan to arrive mid-morning to mid-afternoon (10am to about 2pm) to ensure you have enough time to do the activities you want and have time to wander Base Camp to your heart's content.

Pack water bottles, sunscreen, comfortable socks and closed-toed athletic shoes for Zip Line & Hiking, and the Climbing Wall.  Thinking of venturing into the pond for a turn in a canoe or a swim?  Pack water shoes and clothes that can get wet--our Bath House is a great place to change and dry off before and after!

For those of you who may be thinking of bringing your entire scout pack, a full softball team, or any other large group: You're more than welcome, but please remember that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian in order to participate in activities.  We also recommend that you split up and enjoy the day in groups of less than 8 -- this will help us keep a good flow at each activity.

Some safety considerations: As mentioned above, anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian present to sign an activity waiver!  Zip Liners and Wall Climbers must be between 65 & 250 pounds.  Closed-toed shoes are required for Zip Liners!

Find out more, and let us know your thoughts about Family Fun Day here.  

And stay tuned, you never know when one of those other event ideas may take off!  We'll tell you all about it, and other #WAsome happenings here at the WAEL blog, every Wild Wednesday during Adventure Season!  Have an adventurous week!