Day Trip Special!


We want you to experience the best that Wilderness Adventure has to offer, but if you've never been out here before, it's hard to commit the time and money to a full-on overnight expedition or retreat.  That's why we're offering you the Day Trip of all Day Trips, an experience that will engage your entire group, get everyone talking and relating to each other in a whole new way, and provide memories that will last for years to come!  Whether you've got a group of 20 corporate leaders, a 50-person class of 7th graders, or a family of 8, this is a Day Trip for you.  

Read on to see what our day trip could include for your group and see details and how to book at the bottom!

8:30 AM - Arrive at Wilderness Adventure to meet your leaders for the day 

Get ready for a warm welcome as our staff will introduce themselves, our facility, and get to know you and your group with a few introductory games to set the tone and get your blood flowing.

We are ~45 minutes from Downtown Roanoke, 50 minutes from Blacksburg, and 2 hours from Downtown Lynchburg in New Castle, VA. 

9:00 AM - Low Element Teambuilding

Depending on your group size, we'll divide into groups of ~8-14 each with one of our Leaders.  Your leader will then guide you through a sequence of team-building games and challenges for the next couple hours.  These games will be specially chosen based on a questionnaire you will fill out for your group, and each one will lead to the next, building upon the skills and group dynamics discovered along the way, as well as growing more difficult or complex.  Some may be simple getting-to-know-you exercises in the field while others could be navigating a 3-D spider web, or manipulating blocks in a challenging game on one of our elements set up on our wooded low ropes course.  Each game will account for your unique goals and interests, as well the physical abilities of the group.  The end of each activity will feature a short and meaningful debrief to highlight what accomplishments and challenges were discovered as well as to note the unique strengths of group members as well as the group as a whole.

11:00 AM - Zip Line!

900' Feet of exhilaration travelling up to 45 mph, a stunning view, awesome photos, a memorable ride.  There's nothing more to say really- You'll just need to try it for your self!

12:00 PM - Lunch!

After activities, you'll come back to the Main Lodge for a delightful lunch buffet.  We're proud to serve the best quality meals we can and groups often comment on how "this is the best food I've ever had at a camp."  We are also happy to accommodate specific dietary restrictions and food allergies if we are told about them ahead of time.  

12:30 PM - Free Time activities

After lunch while folks are digesting and getting ready for the next adventure, many groups will spread out and enjoy some of the free activities we have, including: volleyball, horseshoes, canoeing on the pond, corn hole, disc golf (9 basket/18-hole course!), soccer or football, and of course relaxing on the wraparound porch!

1:00 PM - High Ropes

Back with your smaller group (if you've been divided into smaller groups), you'll follow your WA Leader up the White Trail for our High Ropes Course.  Outfitted with a helmet and harness, you'll learn about the safety aspect of each of our high-elements (some up to 50' off the ground!) Each element here is designed to challenge individuals.  Whether that means walking across a wobbly bridge, or jumping out of a perfectly good tree, individuals will find something in high ropes that asks them to step outside their comfort zone in the safest possible environment. 

4:00 PM - Photo Op on the Bluff Overlook

Located just a short walk from our High Ropes course is a beautiful bluff that overlooks Price's Ridge and pastoral farmlands of Craig County.  It's a great place to reflect on the days adventure and to snag one last photo to remind you of all that you've done and seen in your day out at Wilderness Adventure.

4:30 PM - Departure

Stop by the Main Lodge on your way out for one last mason jar of Miss Amy's sweet tea or a drink of lemonade, before jumping in the car and heading back home!

*The times and order of activities may be adjusted based on your request or to facilitate the number of people in your group most effectively (ie - 2 activity groups might have High Ropes in the morning, while 2 activity groups do Teambuilding and Zip Lining, and then in the afternoon you will switch).  


  • Group Sizes - The minimum group size for the Day Trip Special is 8 people.  For any group over 15 we will divide you into "activity groups" of 8-14 people each.  This is to ensure our staff-to-participant ratio is as safe and engaging as possible.
  • Food - Lunches will typically be hamburgers and hot dogs, sandwiches and soup, or some other main course, accompanied by an appropriate side, and fresh salad with dressings.  Water, Tea, and Lemonade will be available at all times in the Main Lodge.
  • Variations - If you'd like to personalize your experience with different activities or additional meals (breakfast or dinner?), please fill out our Group Pricing Request and we will tailor-make a program just for you and your budget!
  • Availability - For Day Trips our availability is fairly open.  We can accommodate most groups any day of the week, so please feel free to let us know what would be most ideal for you.
  • Weight Limits -  For High Ropes and our Zip Line, we have a weight limit of 65-250 lbs.
  • Discount - Teambuilding, Zip Line, High Ropes & Lunch typically can cost up to $110 per person, which means you're getting a 38% discount! 
  • Booking - Fill out this form, click the link below, Call us at 540-864-6792, or email to request your date and make sure you mention you'd like the "Day Trip Special" to take advantage of the discounted pricing!
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