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Comets, The Universe Remnants

Friday, April 4th, 2014


Thanks for this awesome image of a meteor crossing by the Milky Way in the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Although they are too small to be recognized as a planet, Comets have been a source of fear for many generations. It’s not surprise that ancient generations were afraid of a fast glowing object crossing the night sky, making these objects announcers of plagues or disasters. So why do people fear these beautiful objects?

Well, at some point in the future these pieces of rock and ice will slam into Earth and alter the course of history. Such an impact is believed to be one of the main reasons of the disappearance of dinosaurs.

Comets are considered the “leftovers” of the formation of stars and planets that happened billion years ago. Today most of the comets of our galaxy orbit the sun, in a space between mars and Jupiter. Big planets like Jupiter and their gravitational forces make comets change their course making them go on other paths. As soon as a comet approaches the sun and heat up, gas and dust are expelled behind them making a distinct look such as a glowing tail.

Once every ten years, these glowing objects can be seen on our night sky. Although there are perhaps three million comets is good to know that most of them either change their course or burn up completely before heating the Earth. Comets come and go, so for the astronomy lovers and outdoorsy people that like to enjoy the night sky keep in mind that a big bright comet could come up and steal the show at any time!

On Oct 19th there will be a near collision of a comet with Mars. The comet will be so close that will create a stupendous meteor shower on the Martian surface. Something to look for on your future outdoor trips!

Ruby Fernandez is our Barn Manager and someone you’d definitely want with you on a night of star gazing.

Some folks from WA enjoying the night sky from the back porch of the lodge.


Friday, April 4th, 2014


What’s the best way to celebrate 25 years of adventure, success, and friendship?  Our first thought was: have a big party.  At the party, give Col a great big roasting to let him know how much he means to us all.  Next, build a shiny new website.  And then, to up the ante of the Summer Youth Program, build a challenge program that will give participants the chance to go beyond and be rewarded for it (details coming soon!).  But besides a massive party, a new website, and taking the adventure program to the next level, how do we really commemorate all the energy and passion that Wilderness Adventure has seen in its 25 years?  We know, ask the energetic and passionate people who’ve been to WA in the past 25 years.  Simple.

So the current staff has decided to get in touch with people who have personally inspired us with the way they embody the WAEL spirit.  Perhaps someone you know comes to mind when you hear “WAEL” spirit.  These people are the reason Colonel was inspired to build this place, and the reason it has become what it is today.  In our getting in touch, we’ve learned a lot about what WA has meant to the people we look up to, and it’s helped us to realize what WA means to us.

BonFire in Wael Field

Another Sweet Campsite

How can you be part of it?  We were hoping you’d ask.  Reach out to your WA contacts and share your story, email us and let us know what WA has meant to you, even write us a little story or make a video that encompasses your WAEL spirit and success.  Stay tuned for published “WA Success Stories” (maybe yours!?) on our blog and most importantly… Staff and Participant Alumni, mark your calendar for July 18-20, 2014 because this is a party you won’t want to miss.  Registration for the event will begin April 14, 2014.

Wilderness Disc Golf Course, New & Improved!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

disc golf

We love new reasons to spend time outside with friends.  With the arrival of Ben Crowley from East Carolina University to our staff this spring, we’ve got a great one!  Disc Golf (or “Frisbee Golf”) has been

Disc golf’s origin can be traced back to the late 60’s when Ed Headrick, a former employee at Wham-O Toys, began patenting what we know today as discs and baskets.  His vision was to create a game that was modeled around the idea of ball golf, but instead of a club and ball, a player would through a Frisbee like disc at a target that consisted of a basket with a disc catching mechanism made of hanging chains.  The idea took full shape when Ed founded the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) in 1975.  The first disc golf course was also designed and installed in 1975 in Pasadena, California.  Over the next 30 years, over 3000 PDGA approved courses have been installed across the U.S.  Today, disc golf has become increasingly popular and one of the fastest growing sports.  The PDGA players list continues to grow at a rate of 12-15% annually.

The disc golf course at Wilderness Adventure was designed, built, and installed completely in-house. The course is comprised of 9 baskets and 18 tee pads with hole distances ranging from 170 to 350 feet.  There are holes that require throwing over buildings, near water hazards, and through densely wooded areas which makes this course challenging and a lot of fun.  What sets this course aside from the rest is location and endless amenities.  Tournaments can be designed as a package instead of just a place to play and leave.  Players can enjoy an “all-in-one” experience with camping, meals, and other endless activities that Wilderness Adventure has to offer in addition to playing a round.  Groups that are staying for the weekend can enjoy a casual round with friends by simply bringing their discs along with them, or using discs we have on site.  We will be hosting our first ever Frisbee Golf Tournament this April 12 and 13, call 540-864-6792 for details!


Ben Crowley is an Intern from East Carolina University, this is his final project for his degree in Outdoor Recreation Management.

5 Biggest Improvements with our New Website

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

While we at Wilderness Adventure will enjoy any season in the great outdoors, we also appreciate the weeks of extreme cold, the days of being snowed in, or even the moments of quiet on Base Camp when there are no groups.  This is when we hole up inside and buckle down on our long list of “Indoor Projects.”  One of our biggest projects, this very cold winter, was building a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!  A website we hope to launch before our 25th summer season! 


All the creative minds at WAEL came together with a master vision, and here’s what you can expect from our new website:


  1. Visually Stunning:  For anyone who has been to Wilderness Adventure, it’s no secret that there is beauty all around us, and we wanted our website to give users an aesthetic experience that reflects the beauty of the Bluff, Pond & Gazebo, Main Lodge and our Appalachian setting.  Our team of staff photographers has long been compiling an outstanding photo database for us that is now being put to good use on our new website!  Streamlined galleries, scrolling photos, and a classic wood-grain background (an actual photo of one of our barns!) all come together to create a visual masterpiece!
  2. User Friendly Navigation:  One of the best upgrades to be sure!  A new layout makes information easier to find than ever before.  Whether you’re looking for information on our Summer Adventure Camp, Year-Round Retreat Program, Weddings, or Special Events, we have a page for you!  A top drop-down menu bar shows all main pages, and a new search bar on the homepage is there to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Community:  Our new website is designed to give us a greater platform for sharing our day-to-day interests with our community, as well as recognizing the great things our friends are doing.  Looking for what recipes we have in mind for our next Wine & Dine?  Then check out our Pinterest!  Looking for photos of our current #wadogs?  Check out Instagram!  Not sure where to find us on these sites?  Our new website shows you quickly and easily how to find us!  We’ve also included links to many of our friends and partners in the community (and we always e
    ncourage people to support their local businesses!)
  4. Informative:  While WAEL is happily a small business, we do operate quite a few programs, each with a lot of information!  Our new website balances providing thorough information and getting it to you quickly and simply.  Each page has all the basic info you may need with opportunities for delving deeper if you wish.  Of course, the best way to learn more about WAEL will always be to speak with a staff member, or to come see us!
  5. Frequent Updates & Current Information:  An interactive calendar of events will make it easier to see what’s going on & when.  A blog more frequently updated by multiple staff contributors will offer an array of thoughts, opinions and perspectives to provide up-to-date information about the events at Base Camp as well as the goings-on in the outdoor industry.  We hope our posts can become an important resource for our community.


Screenshot (10) (2)







Keep your eyes peeled (via Facebook, Twitter, Emails, & Word of Mouth!) for the announcement of a launch date for the new and improved, and let us know what you think!

Molly Hagan is our Group Program director and the creative genius that’s inspired a lot of our new website!

What’s in Dan’s Bikepack?

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Mountain Bike Riders are a strange breed.  We are, thrill seekers, always looking for a good time and something to remember. Sometimes the most memorable trips are the one’s that begin with something forgotten. Your multi tool, patch kit, spare tube. it can say a lot about the type of rider by what you carry. Take myself for example. I carry a pack full useless stuff ! I came to this realization today, when I searched through my bag on a mission to find my toothbrush.

Many Riders choose not to use any bag. If they do, they use a under the seat type o deal. XC or DH days, I bring my trusty Dakine Nomad. Perfect for all occasions!  Please don’t judge my bag by the full face straps on the back.  Here is what I have in my sack. I have not added or taken anything out. this list was created real time as I extracted the entrails of my bag.

• Gorilla Pod “flexy Cam mount”

• 1 pair Smith sunglasses and bag

• SRAM 10speed powerlink

• Misc metric bolts (3)

• 1 Quarter “25 cents”

• 4 -2.5” wood screws. “left over from building a trail feature”

• 5-16 penny nails “same as above”

• Demon Dirt Hanky

• 2 beverage coozies “one for me and one to share!”

• Shock pump

• 2 patch kits “ one park tool and one G.I.

• Small adjustable wrench

• 26” 2.1-2.35 kenda tube

•  tire lever

• 14” section of rubber tubing. “your guess is as good as mine”

• Topeak Mountain Morph pump

• 5 large zip ties

• Larabar wrappers and 2 clifbars

• topeak Alien 2 miltitool

•Fix-it-stix  Mtb set

• Also My toothbrush which I did find

Dan shredding some gnar with his back pack.

I will sub in and out some other fun bits depending on season, bike, and length of ride. On longer riders I will add a small first aid kit, and more food. As a Flight Crew Member I always try  and bring my GoPro, memory cards and 1 or 2 small cams. Every ride is different and every ride can tell a story if you take the time to capture it. When weather may be a factor I have a number of different rain shells and layers I may bring. Like I said this is no definitive list. It happens to be what was in my bag right now.  Every riders pack is unique. They will range in size, and preparedness. Some bags may have the tools to fix any mechanical on any trail. Some have the tools to keep you alive for days. And some very lucky packs, will hold the tools to fight tooth decay, and the gum disease  known as gingivitis.

Dan Lucas is our Base Camp director and Resident Mountain Biking Guru.

Beat the Winter Blues!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

By Wild ApeVenture

The prime time for adventure in the winter may be limited to just a few glistening hours a day, here’s how I make the most of it!

 1. Go For a Hike!  You might think without the fall foliage or summer sun, your favorite hikes just won’t be as beautiful, but once you’re out there, I think you’ll find the true beauty of the mountains is how they change season to season.  Here are some positives to get you movin’:

  • No crowds!
  • No leaves means greater visibility, see the ridges through the trees and learn more about your mountains than you ever knew.
  • Natural heating: You’ll always be warmer when you’re active!
  • Your favorite winter snacks (hot cocoa anyone?) taste so much better with a well-earned summit view.

2.  Mountain Biking!  Unless you’re a die-hard, it may be too chilly for kayaking or climbing but, like hiking, biking will keep you warm and help you get your adventure fix.  The post-biking endorphin rush will get you into that jolly holiday spirit !  If you’re in the WA area (like Dan in the photo!), check out Carvin’s Cove in Catawba or Douthat State park to ride some of our favorite trails.  Or if you’re more of a townie-biker, check out our friends at Underdog Bikes and they’ll set you up for ride on the Roanoke Green-way.

3.  Ski or Snowboard!  The classic adventure sport to stop wallowing over winter.   Get a season pass, or just go for a long week-end, however long, just go for it!  If you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding, many mountains have great beginners packages with rentals, lift tickets, and lessons included!


4.  Camping!  It’s sounds wild, I know, but with a little extra preparation, heavier layers, hot cocoa, and great winter sleeping bag, winter camping is an unforgettable way to experience the wilderness in one it’s most pristine conditions!

5.  IF it’s just tooooo dang cold, you’ve got to be near an indoor recreation area.  So use it!  Climbing gyms are my favorite, but skating rinks,  the Y, Dave & Busters, indoor basketball and tennis courts, or bowling alleys are all great places to start.  While exceptionally fun, these places may be expensive, you can always refer to suggestion #1.


These are a great place to start with planning your winter outings, but the world is full of possibility.  Whatever you do, don’t let the cold and the hectic holiday season schedule keep you from enjoying this beautiful time of year!  And… look for me in the coming months, I’ll be out and about in the WA-are looking for the best of the Blue Ridge beauty.  See if you can spot me.

(Check it out– That’s me sendin’ a sick crack climb in the NRG!)


Ape Out.


New Year’s Eve Wine & Dine!

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

We have combined two of our favorite events, to bring you New River Valley’s best New Year’s Event for 2014.  For only $75/person you can ring in the New Year at Wilderness Adventure with owner/founder Colonel Gene Nervo as your host!  This New Year’s Party will start off with a unique cocktail hour that is a little different than anything you’ve seen before.  There will be stations around our elegantly rustic Main Lodge and at each station their will be a wine for you to taste, as well as a perfectly paired appetizer.  Try all the stations and come back to your favorite.  A complimentary full glass of wine is included.

After cocktail hour everyone will be seated in our dining room with a two story, stone fireplace and we will have a full plated meal, that will also be paired with a local wine selection.  Upon reservation you will be asked whether you prefer white meat (chicken or fish), red meat (pork or beef), or vegetarian option which will be a hard decision because everything chef Kyle makes is delicious!  After an amazing dinner, we will have our “bubbles and sweets” course which pairs a classic champagne with our homemade dessert course.

There will be a DJ and dancing to follow.  Champagne toast at midnight and party supplies are also included. Beer, wine by the glass, and bottles of the wine sampled will be available for purchase throughout the evening at a very affordable (close to cost, not like the bars downtown) prices.

No need to worry about driving home just relax and enjoy your included overnight accommodations in your choice of our Sly or Main Lodges (register early so you can get the room of your choice).  Double bedrooms and room with multiple twin beds are both available.  So come as a couple or a group of friends and start 2014 off with friends, food, dancing and plenty of wine!  Click here to view pictures of our lodges.  If you thought that was all crazy good for the price, we also include a full hot breakfast the next morning.

Reservations are required so please call 540-864-6792 or email us to ask questions, or make your reservation.  Limited space of ~50 guests maximum so hurry while there is still room!  We can accommodate all dietary restrictions so feel free to contact us to discuss the food or wine menu.  We can’t wait to ring in the New Year with you!

Happy Holidays!

The WAEL Staff

5 Reminders of WAEL on the other side of the world

Monday, October 28th, 2013
94These 5 things may have happened on the other side of the world in Pune, India.  But these moments made one of our favorite adventure camp leaders (and former camper) think of her favorite place on earth…Wilderness Adventure.
By: Zoe Bertrand
  1. The “Facili-trees”: There are two types of toilets in India: “western” toilets and squat toilets. While many of the other Americans in my program struggle with the squat toilets, they remind me of going in the woods.  Only the hole is pre-dug for you!
  2. There are dogs everywhere you look: One of the local dogs looks a lot like Sasha (the all white Siberian husky) but only has one eye like Baxter (the old boxer); another prances exactly the way Louie (the miniature poodle) does and there is one precious puppy who literally looks nothing at all like Cooper (that crazy Labradoodle), but is just as playful!
  3. Fireworks: Now, at WA we only light off fireworks on the 4th of July when we have filled out all the necessary paperwork. But in India, they light off fireworks just about every week for festivals in September and October.  During the big October festival for the goddess Navaratri, my host sister and I watched an awesome display from 15 feet away on her moped. I don’t know if there are any regulations at all about shooting fireworks in a crowded city, but there sure don’t seem to be.
  4. Amy’s Moon Rocks: You know those peanut butter-sugar-oat-butter balls Amy makes in the kitchen? Those exist in India! These particular peanut butter balls are called “ladoos” and are given to malnourished Indian children to help them gain weight. I suspect Amy has similar reasons for feeding us her moon rocks…
  5. Driving cars: I didn’t understand why my host sister was
    impressed when she discovered that I could drive until I realized that all cars in India are manual.  She thinks I can drive stick!  However, as Sean can attest to, I can go a rocking 5 mph the entire length of the lower admin parking lot in a standard.

Sometimes it’s the little things, not the big exciting ones, that remind you of the places you love. India is proving to be a really interesting, sometimes difficult, overall awesome place to be. I’m loving it.

Trip Leader and Junior Year at Georgetown University, Zoe Bertrand is spending this semester studying abroad in Pune, India.  Zoe is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and enthusiastic kayaker who enjoys gardening in her bare feet.

WA Top Gear: GNAR Edition

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The Top 10 Thing to Bring on the Perfect Whitewater Trip

(As seen in the Trowel Times!)

kayak gear

By: Jay Howard

While planning for a paddling trip to the Green River in Saluda, NC, I found myself in a discussion with the other boaters on staff about making a list of the most important, most crucial, gotta-have-it or gotta-quit things to bring boating, so without further ado here’s what we came up with:

1.  Kayak:  “Everyone is in-between swims,” true.  This is an important reality to recognize for anyone hoping to better their paddling skills.  You will find yourself outside of your boat, but a kayak is generally a must-have item for… kayaking.

2.  Paddle: The possibilities abound: from hand paddles to high-angled carbon fiber paddles to paddles with down-turned blades.  A paddle makes an indisputable difference when paddling epic whitewater.

3.  Helmet:  Because rocks hurt, especially those hidden ones creating the epic boat-flipping river features we love to ride.

4.  Skirt:  Originally designed for looking pretty while socializing with other boaters, paddlers have since discovered your skirt can actually prevent your boat from filling up with water in the event you must roll or you’re just paddling really big water.  Most of us prefer the new high tech NRS neoprene skirts, and there are definitely some brands that do a better job of others.

kayak big water5.  Personal Flotation Device (PFD):  Not called a “Lifejacket”.  Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s not going to save our lives in a bull fight…  However a good PFD with a rescue knife and tow rope can make a huge difference in a pinch.

6.  Nose Plugs:  Sleek, stylish, and functional!  Wear them as jewelry!  Block out trail smells!  Impress your friends with a great Steve Urkel impersonation!  But find yourself upside down without them and you will regret it instantly.  No one enjoys a nose enema,  as an added bonus it can help you attempt your roll more times because you don’t panic as the water rushes up your nose.

7.  Snacks:  While traditional trail foods (granola bars, GORP, etc.) are always good options, some paddlers (mainly me) really like to eat well.  A Philly cheese steak fits easily in your PFD and a sponge cake can double as a way to fuel up AND get water out of your boat.  Having high protein and high carbohydrate snacks can make a huge difference and prevent you from crashing when energy is crucial at the end of a run.

8.  Duct Tape:  It can fix anything.  Seriously…anything.

9.  Lots of Rain:  To get your whitewater fix, you need lots of rain.  Boaters have been known to travel the country in search of precipitation.  Forget balmy weather; it’s all about Irish Weather!

10. Your A-Game:  Confidence is non-negotiable in safe white water paddling.  Know your limits, use your experience, and go with people you trust to show you the best lines when you’re on something new.  Occasionally your B-Game is also acceptable and maybe your C-Game.. but nothing lower.  Mainly at the end of the day, have a positive attitude and a passion for the GNAR and you are ready to shred!

That’s it.  Anything more is excess and anything less is shortsighted.  Oh, and our trip to the Green was GNAR-velous.  It was a B-Game sort of trip, with a few swims.  Maybe next time we’ll bring item #11-a solid roll.  But until then…play smart, play safe, and paddle hard!
epic whitewater

Leader Jay Howard is a valuable new member of the WAEL team.  A veteran of Nature’s Classroom and VA native, Jay has been seen on Base Camp devouring books, building immaculate corn-hole sets, inspiring groups, and  delivering wise sermons in the ways of whitewater. 


Fall Zipline Fun!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to ride our 900′ zipline  in the middle of the fall, here’s a virtual sneak-peek from our top platform.



Roanoke’s GO Fest, October 18-20

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Roanoke’s GO Outside Festival is fast approaching and our staff literally can’t wait!  In preparation for our very own HUFFY TOSS event, we’ve been putting in a lot of grueling hours.  See for yourself!

Up first, our very own Marketing Coordinator, Jeremy Bagwell:


Good amount of height, but not the winner for distance.

Up next, Base Camp Director and creator of the GO Fest winner’s belts (pictured below), Dan Lucas:


You can tell he’s done this before!

Not to be outdone, Bike Barn Manager, Hector Campos:


Hector wins on style points for the flowing locks and dramatic fall!

But don’t start thinking the huffy toss is just for dudes, Kait Prairie, our Group Program Assistant got in on the action too!


It almost looks like Dan is jumping over the bike as it flies through the air!

Join us at the FREE GO Fest in Roanoke, October 18-20, and if you’re a winner, you’ll get one of these Championship belts!



It’s the Great Pumpkin, WAEL Staff!

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

October is upon us, and boy did it sneak up on us here at Wilderness Adventure.  The typical hints of the season, chilly weather and changing leaves, haven’t quite gotten the memo about the date.  The weather has been extra toasty and the leaves are only just beginning to show their red, yellow and orange hues.  However, that didn’t stop the WA staff from putting on an Autumn celebration to kick off the season!  What better place than the porch of our Main Lodge to sit beside the fire and take in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains?


Since it wouldn’t be October without a pumpkin carving, the creative talents came out in full force!



But the pumpkins didn’t just make an apperance in Jack-O-Lantern form, there was also a batch of pumpkin snickerdoodles with a side of apple cider to celebrate the season.


Finally, as the night drew to a close, you could find the happy WA family enjoying good conversation beneath a blanket of stars with the glow of their pumpkins smiling (or maybe grimacing) beside them.


We hope you have a great WAutumn!

Winter Holiday Parties

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

winter gazeboedit

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.  -John Boswell

The winter season is fast approaching, and that means that it’s time to start planning holiday parties!

Why is Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing the ideal location for your party?  Well, take everything you love about Wilderness Adventure:

  • Our staff who love to make your time here as wonderful as possible
  • Chef Brady Martin’s delicious meals
  • The elegantly rustic Main, Sly, and Sneaky Lodges
  • The chance to get away from it all to nature and the company of loved ones

And then, add to all of this the magic of a 500 acre winter wonderland.


We welcome you to relax in our Main Lodge Dining Area.  Lantern-lit tables surround a beautiful stone fireplace with warm leather couches and the atmosphere and comfort of home.  Brady’s fresh, home-cooked meal fills the building with delightful aromas of the ingredients you like best.   Your favorite music plays under conversation and the clinking of glasses (bring your own beverage or let us pour you a class from our excellent selections).  You make a toast to friendship and family and enjoy the revelries of the evening. Then, tuck yourself in to a warm and cozy bed for a warm winter’s nap under windows looking out into our gorgeous garden and nearby Craig Creek, across the field and pond to the Wilderness Adventure gazebo, or beyond to Bald Mountain.

We hope, as you come in to our hot breakfast the next morning, you’ll feel the special warmth and happiness that only comes when surrounded by the splendor of winter in the Blue Ridge mountains.

For details, call 540-864-6792 or contact us  here:

Oktoberfest at Wilderness Adventure

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Join us October 12th
for a Craft Beer Tasting the Wilderness Adventure Way!!

oktoberfest 2013


We’re bringing all the fun of our winter beer tastings and adding the crisp air and changing leaves of fall.  If the weather is nice enough we may even taste some beer outside!  Either way you can count on our connoisseurs who do tireless research (somebody has to!) to come up with unique and delicious selections that will blow your mind and your palate.  Our Oktoberfest selection will have a mixture of German & Bavarian features that would do the real event across the pond proud, as well as featured seasonal brews from our favorite local & regional craft breweries.

With 10 high gravity, high quality options you’ll be feeling like dancing and singing around the bonfire later (good thing overnight lodging is included).  Luckily, that’s an option!


We don’t want to ruin the surprise but our top notch chefs have come up with some amazing Oktoberfest & fine dining fusion for this event’s menu.  To give a little hint, think traditional Bavarian bratwurst meets puffy pastry with piping hot delicious insides!

The price for this event includes appetizers, a soup, 2 main course options (you can try both), multiple side items, and 2 desserts!  Many of the selections will be made with some of the beer on the tasting or will be designed to pair with particular options for complex flavor combinations.

Fun & Games!

Come as early as you like on October 12th and let the games begin!  We’ll have classic beer games such as horseshoes, polish Frisbee, and corn hole set up in the lawn to enjoy the fall weather.  You can also add a little adventure to your life by adding in some of our favorite activities including our 900′ zip line, 50′ climbing wall, canoeing on Craig Creek or bike rentals.

Other FREE activities include canoeing & fishing on our pond, hiking to the bluff overlook, sand volleyball, equipment for soccer, football, frisbee, etc. or just send on our wrap around porch and watch the leaves fall (and drink some beer)!

Food, Lodging, Fun & Beer just $75/person!

Only $75/person includes a 10 beer flight, appetizers, dinner and dessert, overnight accommodation in one of our elegantly rustic lodges and even a full hot breakfast in the morning! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a fantastic event during one of the best times of the year to be in the Blue Ridge mountains! If you sign up to be in the same room with a friend or loved one then you can save $25/couple, so just $125 for two people.  What an amazing way to spend a beautiful, fall weekend!  Call us at 540-864-6792 today to make your reservations.

Leader Bio: Riley Finn

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Still want to know more about the leaders that will be spending either one or two weeks with your child on their adventure trip? Well search no further, here for you today is the profile for our local-leader, Riley Finn. Riley was born and raised around the area in Salem, Va. When he is not cramming for engineering midterms at Virginia Western, Riley can be found conquering copperheads, reading novels, and if the weather is right, snowboarding at Snowshoe.

Riley Finn Bio Pic

Riley’s biggest secret and self-proclaimed best asset on trail is his abilities as a “lightning-bug whisperer.” But if you ask the campers they might say that his patience, quick-wit, and ability to have fun rain or shine would be his most valuable set of trail-tools. Don’t ask him about his loss in his second grade spelling bee (the word was “era”), it’s a sore subject, but ask him how to build a fire, roll a kayak, or for his definition of leadership, and he’ll be glad to share.


To find out more about our Summer Youth Program Leaders, read some more of the blog, and if you would like to know more about the Summer Youth Program in general, follow the link, or give us a call anytime at 540-864-6792.