2 week

The two-week Classic Adventure is Wilderness Adventure's flagship experience!  

Expeditions Age groups: 11-13, & 14-17

Tuition: $1,685


This multiple sport adventure has been the cornerstone of our program for 25 years.  For two full weeks, the trip takes participants smoothly from one activity to the next allowing them to gain a sense of accomplishment by attaining goals in a natural environment.

True to the Wilderness Adventure mission, The Classic Adventure is a full outdoor experience.  You will camp in backpacking tents, cook back country meals on Whisper-lite stoves, and share the accomplishments of each day with your group and leaders by the fire each night.

Just like the one-week Classic Adventure, we consider this trip the “sampler” as it exposes its participants to all the best activities the outdoor community has to offer. Activities that may be included in the Classic Adventure are backpacking, low elements, high ropes, 50' climbing wall, natural rock climbing, mountain biking, caving, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor living skills, and our 900' zip line. For more information on specific trips please call or email our staff. We'd love to talk to you!

Why upgrade from one week to two? Two weeks means more time for adventures! You'll spend at least two days backpacking in Jefferson National Forest, camp on islands in the New River, learn to kayak, and so much more! Not to mention you'll have more time to spend bonding with your new friends and fellow adventurers.

No previous experience is required as far as the activities go, butwe do recommend that for the Classic Adventure you have been camping with friends or family previously and that this isn’t your first overnight trip away from home.  If it is your first time, for younger campers, we recommend the Outdoor Discovery Trip which is a great introduction into camping and spending time in the outdoors.

This two week expedition will foster independence, confidence, team-building, and leadership as participants face obstacles and push their boundaries in a safe, supportive outdoor environment. They will also make great new friends!

Most gear is provided for the Classic Adventure trips. We provide backpacking, camping, and activity gear. You need to provide clothes and hygiene items for the trips. If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring what you have. You can check out our Packing List to see what gear or clothes you might need to bring for the trip.