classic Adventure

7 days 

Age ranges for the 1 week trip: 10-11, 12-13, 14-17



This program is our tried and true wilderness adventure.  By travelling with a group in the great outdoors and participating in adventure sports, you will gain an appreciation for your own abilities as well as the natural world that surrounds us.  This setting and the flow of the expedition inspires leadership skills, self-confidence, and teamwork within groups.

OUTDOOR LIVING: That means sleeping in tents, cooking your meals over Whisper-lite camp stoves, bathing in creeks, using the "facili-trees" for the bathroom, and travelling from campsite to campsite under your own steam. Don't worry, it's all a lot easier than it sounds and our experienced leaders will teach you everything you need to know!



This coed trip will be made up of up to 12 participants in your age range and will have one male and one female leader.  As you and your group travel and challenge each other in activities you'll develop a deep sense of connection and accomplishment.  You'll share a tent with one or two participants of the same gender and cook meals together with 2-3 other campers.  With such a high importance on establishing a positive group dynamic, we will start your trip with some team-building games and challenges.  

FRIENDS: You'll forge unique bonds with group members from all over the world.  If you have a friend that would like to join you, we'd love to have them!  Make sure you take advantage of our "Refer-a-friend" discount if you do!


2017 Dates

June 18th-24th

July 9th-15th

July 30th-August 5th

August 6th-12th

Multi-Sport Adventure

The one-week classic is a tour de force of adventure activities!

Some of the Activities you can expect: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing, Natural Watersliding, Caving, Teambuilding, High Ropes, 900' Zip Line, Kayaking, and for the 14-17 group: Mountain Biking.

All Activities are Instructed by experienced and well-trained Outdoor Professionals.  For some activities, a third adult will join the group as an Instructor with advanced skills in the particular activity.  This ensures a 1:4 staff:participant ratio and provides you with more personalized instruction.  Each activity is facilitated at an introductory level and then adjusted to suit the ability and enthusiasm of the group and individuals.  Prior experience with camping and swimming is encouraged but not required.  For 14-17, the ability to ride a bike is strongly encouraged.

All-Inclusive Tuition: $945

This includes all Backpacking & Activity Equipment