Kait & Mark's Wedding Weekend

September 29-October 1, 2017

Everything is happening where we met, became friends, and fell in love: Wilderness Adventure!

*If you plan to camp out or ride a shuttle, please be sure to make a reservation!*


Help us capture the moments! 


If you care to share your photos & videos without posting everything on social media:

Please go to our Veri Event online, or download the iPhone or Android app: "Veri" and search for KAITMARK.  

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have."  -Leonard Nimoy


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Where to Stay

There's lots of options: On-site, off-site in Salem or Roanoke, or stay at your place and grab a shuttle in Roanoke, if you're local!


We'd love for everyone to stay with us at Wilderness Adventure (WA) on both Friday and Saturday to be a part of everything.  While "rustically elegant," WA's lodges are comfortable and great for spending time with others.  The rooms are shared, beds are comfortable, and linens are provided.  There's heat, AC, Wi-Fi, and plenty of shared bathrooms to go around.  And, if you're in for an adventure, you can even camp out!  WA has all the gear you might need to borrow and all campers have access to bathrooms, wi-fi, etc.

We have negotiated a small fee with WA for lodging and camping that will cover your stay and all your meals while you are here:

  • Lodging: $40 per adult/night
  • Lodging: $20 per kid 8-17/night 
  • Camping: $20 per person 8+/night
  • $0 per kid 7 & under
  • To make reservations, click here.


For those of you who prefer private accommodations, we have a few places we'd like to recommend.  If you're interested in riding our shuttle from your hotel, please fill out the shuttle form so that we may plot a route for picking everyone up!:

  • The Cambria Hotel & Suites in Roanoke- A nice place in a great location for seeing Roanoke! (~1hr drive)
  • The Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Salem- To get the closest Hotel (~30min. drive)
  • The Depot Lodge in nearby Pain Bank.  This is a fun experience, if you're a bed & breakfast-type person who doesn't mind driving some windy mountains! (~1 hr drive, no shuttle available.)


If you don't want to stay at WA and would like to ride the shuttle, please fill out the form so we can plot the best route for the driver! 

A winter hike to McAfee's Knob with Betty!

A winter hike to McAfee's Knob with Betty!

The WA Family Reunion 2014!

The WA Family Reunion 2014!

Microfestivus 2014 with Zach & Nicole!

Microfestivus 2014 with Zach & Nicole!

Christmas 2015 in Downtown Roanoke

Christmas 2015 in Downtown Roanoke

Lake Yellowstone with the Prairies!

Lake Yellowstone with the Prairies!


Kait & Mark

We met while working at Wilderness Adventure in the summer of 2008.  For a few years, we built a friendship surrounding our time at WA and kept in touch during the off-seasons.  Then, in the summer of 2013, we lost track of time talking on a hike to McAfee's Knob.  The sun set while we were still on the knob, and so we made our way back to the parking lot in the dark, still talking.  When we parted ways that evening, we both knew we'd begun a relationship like no other.  

Mark is eclectic and caring.  He loves baking bread, taking care of plants and dogs, working on computers, and maintaining his firearm collection.  He is currently in school for Network Security and Administration, and spends his free time dreaming up neat ways to use his 3-D printer, and keeping up on the latest sci-fi.  He is also a huge fan of The Golden Girls and cooking dinner for Kait.

Kait is a dreamer and planner.  She loves having reasons to celebrate, reading and writing about the wonders of life, and finding outlets for creativity.  She is currently in school part time for a Masters in Teaching (for High School English), and is the Program Director at Wilderness Adventure.  She spends her free time mostly on Pinterest, but also loves plays, wine, and going on adventures with Mark.

Together, we love hiking, drinking coffee, and geeking out about sci-fi shows we both love (Best show? Star Trek.  Best Star Trek series? He loves TNG, she loves VOY.)  

Our times at Wilderness Adventure and our amazing families taught us a lot about life and love.  Our community of family and friends is our highest priority.  If you're here reading this, we love you and count you as part of that beautiful, brilliant crowd.


How to Get Here

By Car  Please use WA's directions.  GPS tends to get people lost when coming from the North.  There's plenty of parking on-site.  

If you're planning on drinking and not staying, please consider riding with someone else or on one of the shuttles!

By Plane  

  • The closest airport is Roanoke (ROA, 40 minutes)
  • Lynchburg (LYH, 90 minutes)
  • Charlottesville (CHO, 2 hours)
  • Charlotte (CLT, 4 hours) 
  • Dulles (IAD, 4.5 hours)

By Train The closest Amtrak station is in Lynchburg.

By Bus  Greyhound has a station in downtown Roanoke.

If you're not driving or getting a rental from the airport, please fill out our shuttle form so we can make sure everyone has a ride out to the mountains!

Grand Tetons with Chris!

Grand Tetons with Chris!

BLT Fest with the Andersons & Pedigos!

BLT Fest with the Andersons & Pedigos!

Summer hike to McAfee's with Megan!

Summer hike to McAfee's with Megan!


Wedding Party

Mother & Father of the Bride - 

Sharron & Michael Prairie

Mother & Father of the Groom - 

Patricia Pedigo-Dunn & Keith Pedigo

Officiant -

 Chris Prairie, Kait's Big Brother

Maid of Honor -

 Megan Ward, Kait's Friend from High School

Best Man -

 Zach Rawson, Mark's Friend from WA

Kait's Attendents

  • Beth Anderson, Mark's Sister
  • Katie Mizrahi, Kait's friend from WA
  • Maggie Sackman, Kait's friend from St Paul's Episcopal
  • Sean Bryant, Kait's friend and boss at WA

Mark's Attendents

  • David Anderson, Mark's Brother-in-Law
  • Raff Lance, Mark's Friend from High School
  • Kris Wise, Mark's Friend from College
  • Trinity Jennings, Mark's Friend from High School

Ring Bearer - 

Cooper Anderson, Mark's Nephew

Junior Groomsman - 

Patrick Anderson, Mark's Nephew


When is the RSVP deadline?  September 8th, please make your reservations and shuttle plans by then as well!  If you have any changes, please let us know as soon as possible.

Dress?  Please plan your dress to be Festive on Friday and Semi-Formal for Saturday evening.  

The weather in September could be crisp and cool, sunny and warm, or cold and wet - please plan to layer up and bring an umbrella!  *All of WA's pathways are gravel, please keep that in mind when choosing your shoes.  

Can I bring a +1?  Your invitation will have that information!

Are kids welcome?  Yes!  Their names will be on your invitation.

Parking?  Gravel lots by your lodge or down by the second entrance.

How will I know what room I'm in at WA?  That info will be available when you check in.  Keep in mind, you might be sharing with someone else you know!

What should I bring if I'm staying at WA?  Wedding clothes, play clothes, a towel & toiletries, layers & raincoats!  

If you'd like to hike or ride the zip line please make sure you have closed-toed shoes and a way to tie back long hair.

Dogs?  If they've been initiated in the WA dog pack and/or you're not worried about them running off or jumping on Kait's Gran's lap, bring them out!  If we get too many, though, we reserve the right to hold them all up in the pig pen... at least until after the cake.

Is there Wi-Fi at WA?  Sort of, you'll be able to browse, check email, and use social media.  No downloading or streaming, though.

What about cell service?  Verizon works best (especially at the office or in the pig pen--no really!)  For other carriers, feel free to have people call WA if they need to get a hold of you (540-864-6792).

Do you have a registry?   Your presence when we get married is the greatest gift of all.  However, if you wish to honor us with a gift, we are registered at MyRegistry.com.  

Whom should I contact with questions?  

Kait: kait.prairie@gmail.com or 301-848-8042

Mark: markgpedigo@gmail.com or 571-212-5928

Neither of us will be reachable by email or phone after 9/28!

Wilderness Adventure (540-864-6792) for venue, shuttle, or lodging questions.  

When you're here, there will be plenty of awesome staff who'll be able to help you with anything you need!  In particular, if you ask for Sean, Ruby, Jay, Amy, or Ben - they are amazing and can take care of you!