Leading Ladies

Inspired by our Women's Leadership Course from  the late 90's and early 2000's this trip is for intrepid young women to get out in front and lead!


With the same flow of backpacking and activities as a Classic Adventure, but a focus on leadership, our goal is to form a group of collaborators, adventurers, and ladies who know how to get out in front of a crowd and shine.  This is the next level for many of our female adventurers, as well as a great first trip for teens who want an inspiring and character-building experience.

This Year's Leading Ladies Trip Dates:  July 23-July 29, 2017

Why All-Women?

Something we have observed over the years in our Classic Adventures is how awesome our ladies are!  However, they're usually outnumbered (sometimes 11-to-1!) by our awesome gentlemen.  By providing a trip for women aged 14-17, we get the chance to shine a light on what makes each of our female adventurers unique!  We want each of our female campers to be herself, one of the participants in the group, not "the girl" in the group.  We hope the young women on this trip will be inspired by the unique ways women communicate and collaborate, the atmosphere of adventure and expedition, and by the strong examples of leadership from our female guides.  

Make no mistake!  This is not going to be "easier" than the Classic Adventure, or "girlier."  There will be camping, covering ground, personal and group challenges, going to the bathroom outside, rain, dirt, and so much more!

This trip is for girls with grit!


Each of us has unique leadership qualities, and the outdoor environment inherently inspires us to find out what those qualities are.  Whether it's getting to camp and setting up before the storm hits, or climbing to the top of the rock, this trip will have something that challenges each of it's participants.  Surrounded by inspiring personalities, participants will face group and personal challenges and find out what it takes to be successful.  The goal is to blend the experience of independence and collaboration to highlight each woman's unique abilities.  By the end of their trip, participants will be leading themselves!

Getting After It!

The Leading Ladies will backpack, climb, paddle, bike, and so much more!  Each day will be jam packed with high-energy activities.  All activities are beginner-friendly (though we recommend knowing how to ride a bike), and will be adjusted to challenge experienced and inexperienced participants alike.  

Ages: Women 14-17     All-Inclusive Tuition: $945