7 Day Classic Adventure


The one-week classic is a tour de force of adventure activities!

This program is our tried and true wilderness adventure.  By travelling with a group in the great outdoors and participating in adventure sports, you will gain an appreciation for your own abilities as well as the natural world that surrounds us.  This setting and the flow of the expedition inspires leadership skills, self-confidence, and teamwork.

Outdoor living is the main focus, that means sleeping in tents, cooking your meals over Whisper-lite camp stoves, bathing in creeks, using the "facili-trees" for the bathroom, and travelling from campsite to campsite under your own steam. 

Some of the Activities you can expect: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing, Natural Watersliding, Caving, Teambuilding, High Ropes, 900' Zip Line, Canoeing, and for the 14-17 group: Mountain Biking.


  • Upon arrival, participants will gather on our Base Camp, get outfitted with backpacking and camping equipment, and learn all the skills they need for their new adventure. Skills like cooking in the outdoors, setting up tents, Leave No Trace principles are all learned at the beginning of the trip.

  • As the trip progresses, all activities are instructed by experienced and well-trained Outdoor Professionals. Climbing, canoeing and caving are some of the activities offered. Each activity is facilitated at an introductory level and then adjusted to suit the ability and enthusiasm of the group and individuals. Prior experience with camping and swimming is encouraged but not required. For 14-17, the ability to ride a bike is strongly encouraged. You'll spend this period of the trip travelling throughout the national forest including one great day on a natural waterslide!

  • As the week comes to a close, groups will return to Base Camp where they will join the other groups in our WALYMPICS (WA's version of the Olympics with fun challenges and skills learned on trail). To celebrate the conclusion of their trip they will have an awesome spaghetti dinner and share the stories of their trip at WA's Closing Campfire.


  1. June 16th-22nd

  2. June 23rd-29th

  3. August 4th-10th

  4. August 11th-17th



You will camp in backpacking tents, pack all your gear in one backpack, cook backpacker style meals on back country stoves, learn Leave No Trace Principles and share the accomplishments of each day with your group and leaders around the campfire each night.


Adventure sports such as Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Mountain-biking and Caving will be teach by certified instructors that will help you develop the basic skills of each sport as well as how to apply these skills in different locations. You will do some single track mountain bike riding, climb on our climbing wall as well as real rock!, kayak on our pond and go to cool caves!  

These sports are designed to help adventurers grow their comfort zones, develop strengths they didn't knew they had, and 


The nature of the different activities provided plus the experience of living in the outdoors for a week will develop a sense of ownership. Setting up your own tent, cooking your own meals getting out of your comfort zone will help participants develop communication skills and leadership skills. 


  • Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

  • Blue Springs Climbing site

  • Tawneys Cave, Covington VA

  • Roaring Run Falls, Botetourt VA

  • Blue Springs Climbing Site

  • Craig's Creek, New Castle VA


Participants will leave Wilderness Adventure with an increase sense of autonomy. Being able to live in the outdoors for a week, carry all you need in a backpack, and get out of your comfort zone with challenging activities will help participants to know their limits and see how capable they are.  They'll also realize how fun and creative being in nature can be when they don't have all the usual comforts of home and distractions of the internet and busy schedules.  Our favorite outcome is how this adventure creates a sense of community: every experience, meal, campfire will be shared with other participants which will be greatly transferred in a positive way on their daily life.

Tuition: $975

June 16th - 22nd

June 23rd - 29th

August 4th - 10th 

August 11th - 17th 


Ages: 10-11, 12-13, 14-17


Camping / Backpacking





High Ropes

900' Zip Line




"The program I did with WAEL was the best experience of my life... I learned about myself, made lasting friendships, worked hard and was challenged, and most of all, had fun. The rigorous activities were difficult at the time, but now I look back and smile at how great it was. I will never forget the program I did with WAEL." - Brooke Simone, age 14