The Leadership Training Program will begin with a week long training in all aspects of being a leader at Wilderness Adventure.  LTPs who qualify will have the opportunity to stay on the duration of the summer as an apprentice, gaining invaluable experience.

Ages 17+

1 week Training  June 16th - June 22nd


Upon successful completion of training, participants may be able to stay on through the summer as Apprentice Staff and receive a weekly stipend.

We are excited that you are interested in attending the one-week Leader Training Program (LTP) from June 16th to June 22nd in pursuit of being an apprentice for Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing (WAEL).  This one week trip will be an introduction into your entire summer as a WAEL apprentice.  We will train you on all our elements, climbing wall, standard procedures and policies.  This intro to the summer will also help you bond with your fellow LTP’s.  The leaders of the LTP program will also be monitoring you during this one week session, to gauge your dedication to the program, as well as making sure that you adhere by Colonel’s 4 Principles of Success:  respect, communication skills, work ethic, and a positive attitude.

If you show that you are a positive and respectful person that is willing to do some hard work then you will be accepted as an Apprentice and will be eligible to stay on the rest of the summer.  As an Apprentice you will gain invaluable exposure and experience into what it takes to become a Trip Leader. You will shadow different instructors, lead a trip as a 3rd leader, and learn the ins & outs of what it takes to run an adventure program.  If you are really interested in one particular adventure sport, then you can focus on that area and assist instructors as they meet the various trips out on the trail.  If you enjoy a satisfying experience as an Apprentice you may then be eligible to be an Assistant Trip Leader later in the summer.

If you would like to register for the LTP please complete the online Registration Form along with either a deposit of $250 or full payment, whichever is more convenient.

Your Apprenticeship would begin directly after the LTP program and continue through the remainder of the summer. Most Apprentices work up until a week before school starts. Please note that if you choose not to work up until at least ~8/1 we cannot guarantee that you will have the opportunity to lead a trip as a 3rd leader. As an Apprentice you will receive $50 a week, room & board, 30% store discounts, and lots of life experience.

Can’t find what your looking for?  Please call us anytime at 540-864-6792 with questions or send us and email.  If this is the trip for you then simply register online!