Letter from owner & founder Gene Nervo


May 2012

In April of 1990, following a rewarding career in the United States Marine Corps and over 15 years as a scout master, I with the assistance of my family, initiated the beginning of Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing. My goal was to create a program for young people that offered both an adventure and a challenge.  My vision was to establish an all-outdoor program that, in addition to being fun and exciting, developed positive character and leadership traits – physically, mentally, and morally. Through primitive camping and outdoor adventure activities, the program offers challenges and opportunities that young people seldom experience. The program tests their abilities to work together as a team and care for each other in a rugged outdoor environment. The wilderness experience and the adventure activities help participants build confidence, character, self-esteem, and leadership--skills rarely taught in the modern classroom or organized sports.

Every evening our small camping groups have a small campfire under the stars and every day participants experience a different adventure. Whether it’s through rock climbing or caving, canoeing or kayaking, mountain biking or backpacking, or any of our other exciting adventure activities, participants have the experience of a lifetime. In addition to adventure activities, daily sessions are presented on outdoor living skills such as fire by friction and cordage-making as well as outdoor education topics that include plant identification, map and compass skills, and first aid. Participants return home with increased knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm, and a greater appreciation for the amenities of life.

Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate that the program would grow to become one of the premier adventure programs available to young people. We do know from years of experience, however, that “our people,” all of our seasonal and year-round staff, are directly responsible for the success of the program. For that reason, we emphasize selecting the finest of qualified, caring, energetic, and competent leaders and instructors. We benefit
enormously from maintaining a year-round program in that we are able to retain a full-time, highly skilled and professional staff to serve our clients.

As we enter our 23rd season, I find myself indebted to a consistently magnificent staff and to the many participants who have accepted the challenge over the years.


Gene Nervo
Executive Director/Founder