College Camp

Take a break from academia and adventure with us in the great outdoors, for a college break you'll never forget!

Ages 18-24

One Week Program


At Wilderness Adventure, we know that the thirst for fun and adventure doesn't stop just because you've graduate high school. Come experience everything you loved about camp as a kid (or even just last year) with peers your own age, all while developing skills in leadership, resiliency, and self-sufficiency that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

True to the Wilderness Adventure mission, College Camp is a full outdoor experience. You will camp in backpacking tents, cook back country meals on Whisper-lite stoves, and hang out with your friends around a campfire each night under the stars.

During your week at camp you can expect to experience all of the best activities the outdoor community has to offer, and your older age group means being able to participate in these activities at a higher level. Activities that may be included in the College Camp are hiking on the Appalachian Trail, low elements, high ropes, 50' climbing wall, natural rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, caving, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor living skills, and our 900' zip line. Not to mention, when was the last time you got to play an intense game of capture the flag? Or chase a greased watermelon around a pond? You know your inner-child is dying to join in the fun.

No previous experience is required and this trip can be tailored to fit the experience level and skill set of the participants. With this older age group you will also have the opportunity to learn from your instructors and increase your skill set.

Participants come back to us year after year because of the independence, confidence, and leadership skills they build here, in addition to the fun and excitement of making new friends in a active, outdoor environment. We hope you will find the same in your week with us.

Most gear is provided for the College Camp trip. We provide backpacking, camping, and activity gear. You need to provide clothes and hygiene items for the trip. If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring what you have. You can check out our Packing List to see what gear or clothes you might need to bring for the trip.

Bring your friends! Take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend $100 discount to create your own group rate!
For example, come with a group of four and split the $300 dollar discount to create your own group rate.