Summer Survey

We know that even the best adventures have places to improve.  Help us identify what we should keep doing and what we could do better by taking 15 minutes to fill out this survey.  Survey-takers may remain anonymous, so please be honest and provide specific feedback where ever possible.

 Kids & parents, we recommend taking this survey together!  (Kids, if you're on your own, talk with your parents first before filling out answers below!)

We hope you enjoy reminiscing about your trip, and that the feedback you provide will make your next trip at WA amazing!

Your Leaders
What was memorable about her leadership? Please be specific, especially in relation to the previous questions.
What was memorable about his leadership? Please be specific, especially in relation to previous questions.
Teambuilding, Climbing, Biking, Cooking Dinner, Campfires at night, etc.
Even if they aren't activities we offer.
Did it fit you, was it modern, was it well-cared-for? Did it serve it's purpose for the activity?
Did they make you feel safe? Were they fun and engaging? Did you learn from them?
Good or bad, we're interested in hearing about your experience!
Keep in mind our considerations for healthy, filling, light-weight, long-lasting backpacking food.
Your Trip
Did the order of activities make sense? Did you feel like you were on an adventure?
Did you feel like you could get along with everyone, how well did you bond with your group?
What trip(s) would you go on next? *
A great section for parents to fill out
Did you feel that you knew what to expect from the program before arriving? Was anything unclear or different than you thought it would be?
Did you feel that all of your questions and needs were addressed promptly and completely?
Considering the costs for staffing, equipment, transportation, food, do you feel like the price you paid was fair for the experience? Please explain
Contact Information
This is voluntary. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not enter the following information.
Would you like to discuss your trip further with a camp director?
Would you allow us to use your comments in marketing material?
Would you like us to put your name into a drawing for $50 in the WA Base Camp Store?