We want people who will be proud to be WA Staff.

Our guiding formula for success:



Work Ethic

Positive Attitude

Yes, Formulas can be corny.  this is why We're Looking for staff who can see the Spirit in the Formula and can appreciate the nature of The WA Program. 

We're looking for people who can embody this Spirit in the many different responsibilities they'll take on at WA.

Beyond that... these are some considerations we make when assembling the WA Staff:


At a minimum WAEL staff members should consider themselves Leaders, they enjoy speaking to and caring for large groups, and have a firm respect for safety practices.  Beyond that, we are searching for outdoor enthusiasts who are good at having fun and making sure everyone around them is having a good time as well!


Most of our staff are in their mid-twenties, but we accept applications from anyone 18+.  21+ is preferred for Fall & Spring season staff.  Please note, a portion of the pay is room & board.  


Experience and desire to work with children is essential.  Experience in outdoor travel and adventure activities (climbing, biking, etc) is great plus, but not required.  We train everyone in the required hard skills during our Orientation expedition, as well as throughout your initial seasons with us.


Personal responsibility, adherence to written direction (guides are required to adhere to the schedule, staff manual, and other company documents often without supervision), and the ability to speak to big groups are essential.


WAEL is designed as a place to grow, we expect our staff to pursue individual goals and grow skills in areas that are of interest to them.  Once you have a scope of the program you are highly encouraged to take on further responsibilities and learn as much as you can about the outdoor recreation and hospitality industries through WA.

Time Commitment:  

We follow a "work hard, play hard" philosophy.  The majority of our staff live on property while working and generally get 2 days off a week.  Staff should be prepared to work holidays, week-ends, and for multiple weeks 24 hours/day while on trail.  During the winter, October through March, staff usually travel or head to work at the ski slopes.