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A Brand New Festival in the Roanoke-Blacksburg Area, brought to you by the folks at Wilderness Adventure! 

We're tuning up for year 2!

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Good Music

Virginia Bands, unique, fun, classic tracks.  The perfect soundtrack for your adventures in the Blue Ridge.  Line-up on the way

Stay tuned for details!


Good Vibes

Your event staff are a truly unique group of outdoor and hospitality professionals who are determined to make sure you have a great time getting outside and connecting with others.  One week-end out ziplining, canoeing, and climbing with us and you'll be a part of the WA Family. 


A Good Cause

Proceeds from each ticket will go to the The Adventure Camp Fund to help great kids afford life-changing adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  

Donate to the Adventure Camp Fund!

Mystery Week-end Pass (n.) - A Ridiculously Inexpensive Way to get entry to WA Fest.  The catch is - it's only available until we start announcing our Bands.  Act fast!  

Be There for the Beginning

Get the WA Treatment & Customize your week-end! 

FRIDAY: Bluegrass & Great Food!

SATURDAY: A jam-packed lineup, outdoor adventure, vendors, and so much more!

SUNDAY: An Open-Mic Brunch & A Hike to the Beautiful Bluff Overlook!

Highlights from the first WA Fest:

Great Local Lineup encompassing fun and talented musicians from all your favorite genres: Blue Grass, to Psycobilly, to Rock Covers,  toJam, & even some great Alt Country!

BBQ, Burritos, Empanadas & Coffee Vendors!

Hand made Clothing, Jewelry,  &  great Massages!

Night Zip Lines, Stand Up Paddle-boards on the Pond, a group hike to the Bluff with everyone and much, MUCH More!